Venue - MultiGP International Open
RIOT MultiGP International Open, MultiGP International Open, Rotor Riot
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Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Headquarters

5161 E Memorial Dr, Muncie, IN 47302

(800) 435-9262

Navigating the AMA Headquarters

The Academy of Model Aeronautics Headquarters is a 1,200 acre facility, and the MultiGP RIOT International Open will be spread out all across the grounds.  Due to the size of the venue, planning how you are going to get from field to field is important.  Pilots who are driving to the event will have the ability to move about the facility with ease, there will be parking at each of the fields for the pilots. We recommend that if you have an electric scooter, skateboard, Segway, etc. that you bring it for your navigational ease. For those who did not drive to the event, golf carts can be rented from P & P Golf Cars LLC,, Phone: (317) 831-4283

Registration Area On-Site

When you arrive on site, first stop at the registration area. Registration should be in the AMA Headquarters building on the left hand side when you pull into the AMA facility.

At the registration table you must have already reserved a ticket. If you bought a pay on site ticket you must pay on site. Pilots must have AMA membership card in hand.  Pilots who are not competing must have a park pilot or full membership.  Pilots competing must have a full membership.

If you are from another country and need AMA membership an affiliate membership for $36/year.  Here is the form you need to fill out.  This can be done on site. Canadians aren’t required to purchase affiliate memberships if they are MAAC members due to the AMA-MAAC reciprocal agreement.

At the registration table you will be given your schedule and ID Lanyard.  In addition a bag with items from our sponsors.  Make sure not to lose your lanyard.  If you pre-order a T-shirt it will be given to you at registration.

Track Location Map

On-Site Vendor Presence

There will be multiple vendors at all of the different track at the MultiGP RIOT International Open. This will encourage the pilots to explore the event and visit the various tracks. These vendor will have a full variety of the different components that they will be offering for sale. Looking for a certain brand of prop? Find it at their booth! Pilots will be updated with vendor locations during the event so they can find the components they need to stay in the air, or buy those parts they just can’t find in their local hobby shop.

On-Site Concessions

On-site concessions will be provided by a minimum of two vendors. Both food vendors will be selling standard “food-truck” style concessions. One vendor will be set up at field #3 – SPEC or Field #3 – World Cup for the duration of the event. There will be an additional vendor(s) that will be mobile, and will be traveling from one field to another during the duration of the event.

Trackside Hospitalities

Portable restrooms, wash sinks, and complimentary water will be provided at each field at the MultiGP RIOT International Open. There will also be fire extinguishers and basic first aid kits at each field for emergency situations.

International Open Volunteers

Due to the size of the MultiGP RIOT International Open there will be an entire team of event volunteers. Volunteers will be assigned 4 hour shifts, and will receive one meal voucher for each shift worked. Volunteers are asked to coordinate with MultiGP staff prior to the event to be scheduled where needed. Volunteers will also be needed for setup and breakdown of the event, please contact MultiGP for more information in regards to scheduling.

Recognizing Volunteer Event Staff

Aside from MultiGP employees, there will be volunteer event staff that can assist you. The MultiGP RIOT International Open Volunteer Event Staff will be easily recognizable by their smiling faces, and their red CREW T-Shirts:

EMT Presence

For safety of all attending the MultiGP RIOT International Open there will be volunteer EMTs on golf carts, and will be traveling from field to field.

Emergency Contact Information

If any emergency situations arise during the MultiGP RIOT International Open please use these contact numbers according to the situation:
Serious Emergency (Injury, Fire, etc.) – 911
Event Concerns – MultiGP – 321-549-3002
Hospitality Concerns – MultiGP – 321-549-3002